Transforming Lives in the Love of Jesus Christ

It's our mission, it's our purpose, it's the blood that runs in our veins. When we serve our neighbors, when we grow together, we encounter God and are transformed.


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Christ United Methodist Church

Church Vision

In January, 2015, our church embraced a new vision to guide our worship, our service, and our fellowship.

Our mission remains the same: Transforming lives in the love of Jesus Christ. From now until the end of 2017, our vision for achieving this mission comes down to three things:


On January 11th, we announced this vision to the church and extended an invitation to everyone to join us in carrying it out. If you want to join us, you can fill out the form below! You can also find the message we shared with the congregation, along with a full report from the long process that led to this vision.


Full Vision Summary Report

Message from Sunday, January 11th 2015