Transforming Lives in the Love of Jesus Christ

It's our mission, it's our purpose, it's the blood that runs in our veins. When we serve our neighbors, when we grow together, we encounter God and are transformed.


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Christ United Methodist Church

News and Updates

If you haven't already seen our newest tool for evangelism, you soon
will. The goal of this is not to see what specific persons are doing,
but to look to see how our congregation is heeding the call to
transform lives in the love of Jesus Christ. This tool will serve as a
catalyst, I hope, to encourage each and every one of us to increase
the amount of time we spend bringing His love and ministering to
others both inside these four walls and outside. Though it may seem
like just another thing on our to-do list, this may be the most
important "to-do" we have. The next issue of the Evangel will contain
an Frequently Asked Questions column, so if you have any questions
about this tool, please let any member of the Missions Committee know
and we will try our best to answer them or get them answered. As
Christians, we have a responsibility to uplift and support each other
as we go out into the world to do God's work. We have a responsibility
to our Creator to be His hands and feet in the world, and this tool
will, I hope, inspire and encourage us to push our comfort levels.
Will this be easy? No, very little in life is. But I think this tool
will challenge us to do better, to be better, to share the love of
Christ with everyone, and yes, to transform lives in the love of Jesus
Christ - maybe even our own.

From Manna on Main Street :

We need your help to get cooking in our new, commercial kitchen!

Visit and click Get Involved, Gift Registry! 

When you reserve and buy plates, bowls or serving tongs, your purchase helps us feed and care for more families in the community. 

For gift registry questions, please contact Kristyn at 215-855-5454 or 

Thank you so much for helping Manna prepare its new home for more service in this region!

With your support, we believe that everyone might be fed.