Transforming Lives in the Love of Jesus Christ

It's our mission, it's our purpose, it's the blood that runs in our veins. When we serve our neighbors, when we grow together, we encounter God and are transformed.


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Christ United Methodist Church

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Note: we only keep the past several months of sermons listed here, but we have a much larger archive of sermons available. If you are looking for audio from a particular Sunday, please email and let us know the date or the title of the sermon.



7/08/2016docx18 KB7/08/2016
6/24/2016docx25 KB6/24/2016
5/31/2016docx26 KB5/31/2016
5/31/2016docx26 KB5/31/2016
5/04/2016docx20 KB5/04/2016
4/25/2016docx24 KB4/25/2016
4/11/2016docx24 KB4/11/2016
4/05/2016docx25 KB4/05/2016
3/29/2016docx24 KB3/29/2016
3/16/2016docx95 KB3/16/2016
2/23/2016docx21 KB2/23/2016
2/19/2016docx24 KB2/19/2016
2/01/2016docx28 KB2/01/2016
1/19/2016docx27 KB1/19/2016
1/12/2016docx24 KB1/12/2016
1/06/2016docx26 KB1/06/2016
12/23/2015docx26 KB12/23/2015
12/17/2015docx27 KB12/17/2015
12/07/2015docx24 KB12/07/2015
12/01/2015docx24 KB12/01/2015
11/10/2015docx25 KB11/10/2015
11/02/2015docx28 KB11/02/2015
10/28/2015docx25 KB10/28/2015
10/21/2015docx25 KB10/21/2015
10/05/2015docx20 KB10/05/2015
9/24/2015docx26 KB9/24/2015
9/15/2015docx28 KB9/15/2015
9/10/2015docx21 KB9/10/2015
9/01/2015docx23 KB9/01/2015
8/26/2015docx22 KB8/26/2015
8/17/2015docx24 KB8/17/2015
8/26/2015docx25 KB8/26/2015
8/03/2015docx24 KB8/03/2015
7/20/2015docx25 KB7/20/2015
7/13/2015docx25 KB7/13/2015
7/07/2015docx23 KB7/07/2015
6/29/2015docx24 KB6/29/2015
6/23/2015docx26 KB6/23/2015
6/16/2015docx27 KB6/16/2015
6/10/2015docx14 KB6/10/2015
6/02/2015docx28 KB6/02/2015
5/26/2015docx25 KB5/26/2015
5/12/2015docx25 KB5/12/2015
5/04/2015docx21 KB5/04/2015
4/28/2015docx23 KB4/28/2015
4/21/2015docx23 KB4/21/2015
4/14/2015docx21 KB4/14/2015
4/07/2015docx23 KB4/07/2015
3/31/2015docx16 KB3/31/2015
3/23/2015docx24 KB3/23/2015
3/16/2015docx33 KB3/16/2015
3/09/2015docx28 KB3/09/2015
2/24/2015docx24 KB2/24/2015
2/18/2015docx25 KB2/18/2015
2/09/2015docx24 KB2/09/2015
2/03/2015docx25 KB2/03/2015
1/19/2015docx27 KB1/19/2015
1/14/2015docx20 KB1/14/2015
1/12/2015docx21 KB1/12/2015
1/07/2015docx25 KB1/07/2015
12/22/2014docx22 KB12/22/2014
12/08/2014docx21 KB12/08/2014
12/02/2014docx21 KB12/02/2014
11/24/2014docx29 KB11/24/2014
10/31/2014docx25 KB10/31/2014
11/05/2014docx25 KB11/05/2014
10/28/2014docx26 KB10/28/2014
10/21/2014docx24 KB10/21/2014
10/08/2014docx24 KB10/08/2014
9/30/2014docx22 KB9/30/2014
9/22/2014docx23 KB9/22/2014
9/16/2014docx28 KB9/16/2014
9/09/2014docx27 KB9/09/2014
9/09/2014docx25 KB9/09/2014
8/16/2014docx25 KB8/16/2014
8/19/2014docx114 KB8/19/2014
8/16/2014docx27 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx28 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx27 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx28 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx17 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx23 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx23 KB8/16/2014
8/16/2014docx29 KB8/16/2014