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Curious Kids Club Express

This weekly program is designed to stimulate creativity in children ages 3 and up and is offered on two different afternoons. The Curious Kids Club meets from 11:55am-2pm. Children enjoy a packed lunch from home, then participate in a variety of activities centered around a monthly theme such as cooking, science, gardening or puppetry. The Curious Kids Club not only develops skills, but also encourages children to explore their unique talents and interests in a structured setting.

As with the Lunch Bunch Program, parents are invited to use the Curious Kids Club Express to extend a child's day at Preschool and Playtime Express. This program may be used in combination with our morning programs, as an early drop-off option for an afternoon program, or as a stand alone program. This requires monthly enrollment and participation. Fees vary per month, depending on the number of sessions held, and the cost of craft supplies.  You are billed  prior to the month your child is signed up for.   Cost is determined by number of sessions in a month.  Price is $14.50  a session.

Programs for 2016-2017  will  be offered on Mondays, and Fridays.

Themes for the 2016-2017 are as follows:

October:  Kitchen Creations   (4)

November: Planes, Trains... & Trucks!  (3)

December: Mystery Month (3)

January : The Show Must Go On:  Puppets! (4)

February: Fairytale Fun  (3)

March:  Recipes around the Globe  (4)

April:  In the Garden (3)

May:  Tie-Dye  Tradition (3)