Transforming Lives in the Love of Jesus Christ

It's our mission, it's our purpose, it's the blood that runs in our veins. When we serve our neighbors, when we grow together, we encounter God and are transformed.


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Christ United Methodist Church

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Important Files

Holy Thursday
4/12/2017pdf141 KB4/12/2017
17-4-16 Order Of Worship
4/12/2017pdf1 MB4/12/2017
17-4-16 630 OOW
4/12/2017pdf319 KB4/12/2017
Good Friday Tenebrae
4/12/2017pdf931 KB4/12/2017
Good Friday Afternoon
4/12/2017pdf329 KB4/12/2017
April 2017 Evangel
3/24/2017pdf6 MB3/24/2017
March 2017 Evangel
2/24/2017pdf3 MB2/24/2017
Vision Statements 2015
1/16/2015pdf97 KB1/16/2015
Vision Summary Report
12/12/2014pdf454 KB12/12/2014